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about me

Me in Tokyo, in 2012

Me in Tokyo, in 2012

I was born in Bologna, Italy, in 1978, by an Italian mother and British father, and this explains my name.

I am a journalist for the daily newspaper Il Resto del Carlino, and at the moment I am the news editor for the local news from the cities of Faenza and Lugo. I started blogging in the early years of this century (I opened my first blog in 2001), but I started writing about travel only in 2006, in Italian (the blog name is Orizzonti). It took me a while, but now I will start translating my most important posts and, maybe, writing some new ones only in English on this blog.

I love to travel, sometimes alone, sometimes with my wife, always independently. I have been to almost 40 countries scattered in all the five continents. I travel during my holidays and free time, and with my money (if it is a press trip or in any way sponsored it will be mentioned at the top of the page). I love the northern countries, like Norway and Island, it’s where I started travelling, but I also love Asia: most of all Japan where I have been seven times.

I also love learning languages and Japanese proved a tough but rewarding challenge. I also speak English and some French. I have almost forgotten German.

The book

I have written a short book about my travels in Japan:

This is what Silvia’s trips wrote about it.

My contacts

My email is patrick – dot – colgan – at – gmail – dot – com

My social profiles:

twitter: patrick_c (in Italian) or Japan_Horizons (English)

Instagram account: colgan78

Facebook page: OrizzontiBlog (in Italian)