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Horizon Japan – bonus content

The places of Horizon Japan 

Chapter by chapter, here are some of the places mentioned in my book Horizon Japan. I will slowly update it, until all the places are listed. If you are looking for more information on the book click here. To buy it, check it out on Amazon.

The food

  • Saisei Sakaba, Tokyo

    Saisei Sakaba, Tokyo

    The picture from the tachinomi (a place where you eat and drink standing), it’s from one of my favourite restaurants in Tokyo for a casual evening with friends, Saisei Sakaba, which specializes in offals. If you like to experiment it’s an incredibly funny place. It’s in Shinjuku Sanchome (unsuitable for vegetarians, obviously). It has also included in this list of ‘horumon’ cuisine restaurants by the blog Food Sake Tokyo.

  • The ramen restaurants with the plastic curtain are from the popular tonkotsu ramen (a style typical of southern Japan) Hakata Tenjin, that can be found all around the city. They can be recognized by the yellow and red sign and a logo with a pig (the tonkotsu broth is based on pig bones). For some of my favourite ramen restaurants, including some of the restaurants I mention, check out this post: the hunt for Ramen in Tokyo.
  • Kyubey, in Ginza, is an institution in Tokyo, even if it’s quite a big enterprise on several floors. It’s popular both among tourists and locals as it has a more accessible price than other restaurants in the same league (it starts with a menu at 10.000 yen for lunch, double at dinner).  Sukiyabashi Jiro, it’s perphaps the most famous of the sushi restaurants. Booking a seat at the honten, the original restaurant, is notoriously hard, especially for a foreigner. Here’s a post from Luxeat on Jiro.
  • The ramen restaurant with the machine at the entrance that I mention in the story is the excellent Tonchin, in Ikebukuro. A nice post from Tokyo Belly on Tonchin (nice tip from them on ramen restaurants with automated order, the top left corner on the machine display is the recommended choice).

Extra pictures and videos

A video from the Tampopo movie, mentioned in the book, about the perfect Ramen


Some pictures that weren’t included in the book. And a picture of the painting ‘Matsushima’, by Ayano Yamamoto, mentioned in the book.

Other works and information about the artist are on her website.

Matsushima, by Ayano Yamamoto

The painting Matsushima by Ayano Yamamoto

Matsushima bay

Matsushima (photo by Patrick Colgan, 2014)

the last picture, at Matsushima

the last picture, at Matsushima (photo by Patrick Colgan, 2014)