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Hiking from Kibune to Kurama

From Kibune to Kurama

Temples, forests, onsens, Buddhist cuisine: here is one of the reasons you should stay a few days in Kyoto to explore the surroundings of the ancient capital. My hike from Kibune to Kurama

Among the plum blossoms in Mito

Japan, plum blossoms in Mito

An early hanami in February: a daytrip from Tokyo to Mito to see the plum blossoms at Kairakuen, one of the most beautiful gardens in Japan

Visiting Himeji Castle

Himeji Castle

Visiting Himeji castle, the most famous (and beautiful) in Japan

In the crowd at Takayama Autumn Festival

Takayama Matsuri

Back to the mountains for the amazing October Hachiman Matsuri in Takayama

The hunt for ramen in Tokyo

A few restaurants I like, personally tested: eating ramen in Tokyo

A guide to the Japan Rail Pass

The rail pass almost essential for travel in Japan, step by step. A guide to the Japan Rail pass

The lavender fields in Furano

Farm Tomita, Furano

Hokkaido, the wonderful lavender fields in the North of Japan

Walking in Venice off the Beaten Path

Burano, Venice

Cannaregio, Giudecca and Burano, three places in Venice off the beaten path, where walking is beautiful.

Four reasons to love Kanazawa

Samurai, geisha, contemporary art, beautiful gardens and excellent cuisine. Kanazawa is worth a visit.

Five books on Kyoto

Great titles to read or bring with you to the ancient capital of Japan: books on Kyoto

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