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A little guide to the Japanese Onsen

My favorite Japanese hot springs. And answers to the most frequently asked questions (including tattoos, of course): a guide to Japanese onsen

Kunisaki peninsula: temples, woods and legends

Stone Buddhas and temples in the deep of the forest, the Kunisaki peninsula is an unforgettable and little known land. A destination not to be missed in a trip to Kyushu

The Usuki Stone Buddhas

Usuki Stone Buddhas

Ancient, mysterious sculptures carved in volcanic stone: the Usuki stone Buddhas, in Kyushu

Inuyama Castle

Inuyama Castle

It’s the oldest castle in Japan, not the largest. A small journey through time, near Nagoya.

The Shimabara peninsula in one day

Unzen Hell

Volcanoes, hot springs and a bloody history: the Shimabara peninsula, east of Nagasaki

My itinerary in northern Kyushu

Takachiho gorge

Tenth trip to Japan, this time in Kyushu, from Nagasaki to Fukuoka: all you need to know

Nine day trips from Kyoto


Nine ideas to explore the surroundings of the ancient capital: my favourite day trips from Kyoto

Three Temples on Lake Biwa: Konan Sanzan

A day trip from Kyoto, a trip among three beautiful, old temples south of lake Biwa, in Shiga-ken: Konan Sanzan

Tokyo: a stroll in Yanaka


Where Tokyo seems  a different city

A trip to Shiretoko


Rugged mountains, volcanoes, hot waterfalls. And then bears and whales: a corner of wild and surprising Japan: Shiretoko National Park

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